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steer clear of this company, I am now convinced after 4 months of being jerked around that this company is a scam operation.I had ordered salvage parts, paid for in full up front, but never got them, only excuses from Stacey who either works there or runs this scam solo.

Finally I gave up on ever getting the parts and requested a refund of my money. 6 weeks later I am still waiting on the money.

I went to another parts dealer on line and got my parts in 3 days.I really wish I would have gone there first.

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I got ripped by them also around $350 for a legacy front bumper and hood..

I agree stacy must of been running this.

i still have my paypal recipt in case a suit comes up for this...


I tried to get a set of interior door panels for a 1984 944 Porsche back in 02/16/2009 for $250.I paid $250.00 through From February through June of 2009 I waited for the panels.

They never arrived. The parts person, Stacy, continued to tell me she was working to get them, but no success. Since then she has told me she is getting me a refund.

Still no progress or refund.I am screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #76981

Same as Garry. Paid for seats about 1- 1/2 years ago and got updates until I finally asked for a refund then nothing.


They are the worse.DONT USE RELIPARTS!!

I ordered a driver seat and paid for it about 1- 1/2 years ago.

Never received the part.

I cancelled the order, but never received my 175.00 refund.


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Reliaparts Didn't send what I ordered and lied about it. Horrible Customer Service.

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I went to a website called and requested an auto part for my truck. Next Automotix sends the request to different companies who have the part and send you a quote for the part. I got an email from a company by the name of Reliaparts. They "claimed" they had the part and would send it for $150 and $40 for shipping. We paid $190 by PayPal on Sept. 28, 2008. I got a confirmation that they received the money.

A couple of weeks went by and we never got our part so I called Reliaparts. I spoke with a lady by the name of Stacy who assured me my part was on the way and had been shipped. I asked for a shipping tracking number and she couldn't provide that. She reassured me my part would come in a few days.

Another week passed by and still no part arrived. So I called again and talked to Stacy. This time her story had changed. She told me they had received my part and it wasn't of quality. It had corrosion and they were going to get another one and send it to me the next week. I wasn't so sure of her story, but it sounded good that they wanted to get me a quality part. Another couple weeks passed and still no part. So I called once again. Stacy told me the same thing again that they had got a faulty part and just got a better one and would be shipping it the next day. I was onto her now and started questioning her if it was really going to come. She insisted that the part was on it's way.

Come December 2nd, I had given up hope. I called Reliaparts and asked for my money back. I was tired of being lied to repeatedly. Stacy told me she would refund the money in 5-8 business days. I asked her why she couldn't refund it that day and she claimed she had to check with the parts place to make sure they hadn't sent the part. I said whatever to that and was not certain if she would send it.

I next contacted Automotix (the original company who put me in contact with this horrible place.) I called a guy named Gavin who worked there and told him my problems and said it was bad business for him to refer to companies like that. I asked him if he could do something and he said he would ask them to follow through.

...That didn't work because come January 2nd I still had no part and no refund. Once again I had been lied to because I was supposed to have a refund in 5-8 days. I had even sent a couple of emails to them and got no response at all. I called Reliaparts and I was MAD this time. Stacy had some lame excuse about how the one day of the month that she processes refunds fell on a day that they were closed down for a winter break. (I'm sure that probably was a big fat lie too.) She was just coming up with excuses like always. I asked her when I could expect my refund this time. She said she would be processing the refunds this month January 9th. By this time I didn't really believe anything she had to say, but what could I do.

I emailed her on the evening of the 8th so she would have a reminder on the morning of the 9th when she got to work. Then I also emailed her on the 11th asking if she sent it. I got no response so I called her on the 12th. Stacy told me she had mailed it on January 10th. I wasn't buying her story since she is full of lies.

Finally on January 14th, my refund arrived in the mail. The check was a US postal money order and it was dated January 12th, so clearly it wasn't mailed on January 10th like she told me. Stacy once again lied in the end. Stacy is a compulsive liar.

It was very disappointing to order a part on Sept. 28 and not receive anything for months and be promised falsely. Then the fact that it took 45 days to get the refund was ridiculous. I probably called and emailed Reliaparts 20 times over the course of all of this.

BOTTOM LINE: Reliaparts is a horrible company to deal with. Don't use their services unless you want to be in for a long road of problems.

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I ordered two parts from reliaparts on October 22nd 2008.They said the parts would be shipped as they had a source.

It is March 15th and one part arrived - the 85.00 part. The part was shipped from Ryan Auto Parts and was as ordered. Ryan Auto Parts remembers the order and was asked about a bumper . Yhey don't ship bumpers.

Many requests to get a refund and always a psoitive response but no money!!!!:cry

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